Friday, March 18, 2016

Necessity: The Mother of Invention

One of the best illustrations of the expansion of the U.S. Navy between The Great War and the Second World War is to compare the uniform charts between the two.The illustration at the top of the page presents us with a snapshot of the officers from a coal and boiler navy. All of the basic warrant trades of an early navy are evident. The only symbol of technology are the Naval Aviator wings.

Compare this with the illustration below depicting the U.S. Navy of mid-WWII. The basic warrant trades are still evident, but now the submarine service is depicted as well as an expansion of naval aviation. Also of note are the many trades and specialties of the enlisted sailor. Some of the specialties that evolved during wartime are represented by simple letters in a diamond shape.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Dominance of the Pacific ocean could not have been contested without the advances in technology and organization represented by these badges.

As the adventure game expands, much of this newer technology, the airplane, the submarine, the motor torpedo boat, amphibious vehicles and landing craft, must all be accurately portrayed and incorporated. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Living the South Pacific

It has been a few years, a long hiatus for an adventure gamer, since I have been able to get back to what probably will be the last major gaming project of my life.

As a regular surfer of the web, I have found an inspiration to the realm of Samoahu. I bring your attention to PAPANUISAYS.BLOGSPOT.COM.

Papa Nui says; "This forum is an opportunity for me to shoot shit on my favourite topics, namely surfing, board design, WWII military stuff, beachcombing and grass shack living and lets not forget vintage clothing and lots of other off beat and interesting stuff. I would love to be able respond to your comments and views so please take the time to include your email address in any correspondence. Write me, ".

I call your attention to this wonderful site because he truly is "THE BEACHCOMBER", living the life I would if I could. But wait, there's more.

You can share the beachcomber life  with PapaNui's wonderful line of "Beach Battalion" attire, including authentic USMC frog-skin camouflage caps, and many other objects of style that will either enhance your wardrobe collection or give you inspiration to develop your own South Pacific persona.

Papa Nui, Hand Salute.......Two.

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